My first INTERVIEW! :-D


Hello! as you know, as part of wanting to be a teacher I had my first interview. I have to admit it, I was very nervous, I wanted every single word that came out of my mouth to be the correct one, but this is what TKT stands for, we have to learn the importance of being a teacher, how to teach our future students and how to treat them.

We now have to care about our students so they can get the feeling that we are interested in there learning skills.

I also discoverd that I have many qualities to be a good teacher for example: I have imagination, Im patient, innovated and many others 🙂 . But I have to work in that a Little bit more.

I need alot of preperation to be the teacher I want to be some day.!! Hopefully thats going to take me a few months.!

see you in my next post.. Thanks for Reading!


Everithing is POSSIBLE!


Hi everybody! This is my very first post, I have a small idea what this is about, so here we go..!! This is the start of an important part of my life and I wanna proof that where there is a will there is a way, hopping to have soportive people by my side. I would like to share my knowledge with other people, that would need it. Everything is POSSIBLE, and if some day I say its imposible please knock me on the head 🙂 jaja! well I think this is all for my first post, wait for a Little bit more in the next one.. It was a pleasure. Thanks for passing by.